Staytide Float Systems USA

We’ve designed an improved beach raft and accessory that instills confidence and adds an extra layer of relaxation. Staytide is made with lightweight material for easy handling and convenience.

Staytide Beach Kit

What is Staytide?

Staytide is a float system that uses an innovative platform which gives the beach goer a reason to sunbathe on the water instead of laying on the beach. The patent pending design inhibits the user from drifting with the current and waves, keeping the user in front of their belongings on the beach.

Staytide was designed to be a simplistic system which utilizes a small anchor bag that is filled with dry sand from the beach. As you walk out to relax on your raft, simply shovel a small amount of sand into the bag. Once you’re at your chosen spot in the water, drop the sand anchor, attach the raft and you’re ready for the whole beach day. The Staytide will stay in place while you relax on the raft or go refresh on shore. Staytide is designed to work in 2 to 6 feet of water, keeping you close to your valuables or friends and family on shore.

Staytide Beach Kit 2

The Sand Anchor

The sand anchor is made of durable yet light weight material. When not in use it’s conveniently tucked into the Staytide platform along with a small plastic shovel then strapped in place for organized mobility. It’s easily washed so you don’t bring any sand home with you. The entire kit fits in the included XL beach bag which features a shoulder strap.

History of Staytide

The Staytide was designed by two sisters who were tired of drifting away from their belongings when growing up on the beach. Once they realized a solution, they quickly went to work making a functional prototype. They took it to the next level by applying for a patent and are currently looking for production partners. You can contact us at: